We offer 2 types of light therapy devices for professionals and home users:


For Health Care Professional Use

The HALO Max light therapy device is our answer to the demand from the professional user. It is the post powerful light device in our product line. The HALO Max is intended for clinical and professional use.


For Professional User / Small – Medium Health Clinic or Hospital

The HALO Apocalypse light device is used by professionals and foresightful home users looking to heal their bodies, as well as cleanse food and drink. The Halo Apocalypse is intended to be portable and convenient.


You have always had the power to heal within you, we just need to believe in ourselves and tap into this power!

Barring severed limbs, the human body alone is able to heal when the proper conditions are met to support healing.  When someone cuts his finger and it’s been wrapped in a bandage for a period of time, the finger heals itself.  This same principal happens on the inside of our bodies.

Below are two short videos that will provide you with some real life examples of such healing with our HALO Biophotonic System!

What is HALO Biophotonic Therapy
HALO Photonic Program

HALO Speeds Healing

HALO is dedicated to helping people avoid the health care burdens that we encounter as we age.  We are on a mission to reshape health care by educating the masses and professionals on what it takes to achieve optimal health and reverse chronic health problems.  Michael has already made a difference in his life; he now chooses to make a difference in your life!

“There is only one thing in this entire Universe that heals the human body, and that is the Human Body“.  HALO provides the body with the raw bio photonic botanicals instantly at the cell level, then the body takes over to sort it all out; then fix and repair what needs to be corrected.”

Each one of you have a Holistic Doctor in your head.  We are going to empower that potential and allow you to release that, so you know how the physics of light, water and energy enters the human body and truly works at the cellular level. Nature cannot be dumb downed. We want all of our HALO members to be the healthiest version that we can be.

Now is the time to heal!  Our Creator originally intended us to “be in health” (3rd John 1:2), not be in illness and have our bodies cut or drugged up.  The CAUSE & EFFECT relationship between an unhealthy lifestyle and the development of disease is undeniable.  When you make some lifestyle changes to that which your body was designed for, the body will be equipped to prevent or reverse the physical illnesses you suffer from.  The power to heal is within you!  So what better time to start healing than today?

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Professional Testimonials

Dr. Carlos Bautista

Dr. Carlos Bautista is the medical director of Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, Mexico. Part of his highly successful therapy program is the HALO Systems biophotonic therapy. The medical staff is personally trained by Michael Thomas and are certified to use and distribute our therapy system.

Listen to Dr. Bautista explain how he has adopted HALO Systems to his immune therapy program:

In this video, Dr. Carlos Bautista discusses the reason why he uses HALO Systems as part of his therapy program at Immunity Therapy Center.

Dr. Russ Newman

Dr. Russ Newman is a Certified Lymphologist and Holistic Doctor of Preventative Medicine. When I first met Michael Thomas I spoke with him for 2 hours on the phone and was totally jaw dropped about the HALO Pro System we discussed! 

In 21 years I have never seen a HALO Biophotonic Energy device used by thousands of people and professionals all over the world! We now have the opportunity to teach people how to help themselves bring their body back into biological balance while maintaining optimal health.

Below is a video example of a recent client who was able to correct his Longevity condition. Please call or email me for more testimonials.

Dr. Bob Hoffman
President of The Masters Circle

Listen to this powerful endorsement and introduction by Dr. Bob Hoffman, President of this professional organization of Chiropractors.

Halo Systems is a revolutionary therapy device utilized by hundreds of pain management professionals world wide. Dr. Bob Hoffman, visionary leader and internationally acclaimed speaker has spread the Chiropractic message globally for 20 years introduces Michael Thomas and HALO Systems to the Masters Circle of Chiropractors in this compelling interview.